About us

Who are we?

Hosting4Real is a smaller company with high experience in hosting solutions that call for high performance or have larger amounts of traffic. We've been delivering hosting solutions to both big and small websites since 2011. And we care about high quality, stability and a good customer experience.

Lucas Rolff, the founder of Hosting4Real lives in Netherlands, has a huge experience with scalable solutions up to hundreds of gigabit/s in traffic and administration of 600+ servers. This means he has been a part of experiencing and solving problems only a small amount of companies experience when it comes to scaling infrastructure.

Our primary customer segment is SMBs, enterprises and private customers with big needs in regards to their hosting solutions. We do everything we can to provide a stable and good experience for our customers and their visitors.

Why did we start?

We started Hosting4Real, because we believed in that we could deliver a unique product with personal service, flexible and good products. We target customers that has specific needs to their hosting solution that a lot of so called 'discount' providers can't provide, but where you a customer still want the simplicity of shared hosting.

Why should you choose us?

We care deeply about our products and want to ensure that it's high quality and the service we give our customers are way above the standards. We will take the extra step needed, and give a personal and fast customer experience. We do what we can to ensure our infrastructure runs smoothly. The speed of websites is an important element and to ensure these fast loading times, we provide a lot of resources to each customer - as well as having a small amount of customers per server to ensure stability and speed.

One of the things we care a lot about is that the solution we provide to the customer should work as promised and that it can handle the amount of visitors a site get. Even if we have to build something very specific for a customer - then we're always up for the challenge.

When you contact our support, you'll find an amazing team with deep technical knowledge that doesn't have to ask the people 'behind the scenes' when a problem arise. This means we save the overhead, and as a end result we can solve problems quickly.

A few stats

We love transparency at Hosting4Real, so here you have a few statistics about our platform!

Hosting4Real hosts 0 hosting accounts. These accounts have in total 0 domains hosted.

Our customers store 0GB of data, and our backup is 0GB of data.

Since the beginnning we've had 0 support tickets, we currently have 0 support ticket(s) that are waiting for a reply.

Our infrastructure consist of 0 servers (web servers, nameservers, backups, spamfilter, etc.) - these 0 servers have 0 CPU cores and 0GB RAM.

We have 0GB NVMe SSD storage, 0GB SATA SSD storage, 0GB SAS storage and 0GB HDD storage.

All our hosting accounts are stored on "NVMe SSD" storage, our SSD storage is used partially for backups, spamfiltering, our ElasticSearch cluster and 2 hypervisors (responsible for a few smaller tasks). SAS storage is used in one of our spamfiltering servers as well as our monitoring system (Grafana + InfluxDB + Prometheus) and our HDD space gets used for some of our nameservers.

Company information

Name: Hosting4Real
Address: Leeuwenstraat 57C
Zip code/city: 1211ET Hilversum
Country: The Netherlands
VAT Number: NL001106500B78
Registration Number (KVK): 56933479