2017 Review

Posted on Dec 31, 2017 | By Hosting4Real

2017 Statistics:

  • Served 5.79 billion requests (average of 183.60 per second) which is a 79.81% increase compared to 2016.
  • Our peak traffic week was around Black Friday with 240.89 million requests served over 7 days (43.38% increase) – that's 398.30 requests per second
  • 51.12 million requests served on Black Friday itself (76.27% increase)
  • Served 196.23 terabyte HTTP traffic, which is a 136.99% increase compared to 2016.
  • We’ve welcomed another 146 customers
  • We’ve blocked 1'207'046 emails on our SpamExperts® spam-filter (57.87% spam)

2017 Uptime Statistics:

  • server2a (rbx2): 99.99% uptime (Decommissioned 09-06-2017)
  • server3 (par3): 100% uptime (Decommissioned 28-02-2017)
  • server3a (gra3): 99.96% uptime (Production 15-02-2017)
  • server4 (gra4): 99.99% uptime
  • server5 (gra5): 99.99% uptime
  • server6 (rbx6): 99.96% uptime*
  • server7 (rbx7): 99.96% uptime* (Production 29-05-2017)
  • server8 (rbx8): 99.92% uptime* (Production 08-08-2017)


  • server3a/gra3: had a disk replacement done due to drive failure (Emergency maintenance)
  • server3a/gra3: suffered from boot issues after a kernel panic
  • server6/rbx6: got water cooling block replaced due to cooling problems (Emergency maintenance)
  • server6/rbx6: suffered from extensive downtime (2h25m) due to DC network outage
  • server7/rbx7: suffered from extensive downtime (2h19m) due to DC network outage
  • server8/rbx8: suffered from extensive downtime (2h19m) due to DC network outage

2017 Achievements:

  • We launched our own Content Delivery Network with 22 locations at this point – the initial trial was done already in September 2016 but after realizing it benefit our products we decided to continue the development and expansion of the servers.
  • We launched our first NVMe servers (server7, server8) to replace our existing “SATA+SSD” infrastructure.

Other highlights:

  • We've moved our support/billing system to external infrastructure to ensure availability, even if our other DCs should be down – it was a part of our “to do” after our November outage.

2018 Goals:

  • Migrate every customer from server4, server5 and possibly server6 to full NVMe storage
  • Expand our CDN offering and offer it as an official product
  • Move our DNS infrastructure to Anycast for better DNS performance worldwide
  • Continue to provide the awesome product and support, and work on improving our uptime
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