Terms of Service

The below conditions and guidelines apply to the relationship between the customer and Hosting4Real, regarding all purchases and use of services from Hosting4Real. Hosting4Real has the right to change the conditions without warning. It is the customer's responsibility to keep her/himself up-to-date regarding the conditions.


The customer must be of age in order to purchase from Hosting4Real. All information must be correct and kept up-to-date on a regular basis.

Ordering: An order starts when payment has been registered. However, some services demand a manual approval and it could take up to 72 hours before the product is completely ready for use. As soon as the order is registered the customer will receive an invoice by e-mail. This invoice is the customer's receipt for the purchase and should be kept for future reference.

Payment: Valid payment can be made by bank transfer*, Or via paypal using the following credit cards: Visa, Visa-Dankort, Visa-Delta, Visa-Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Maestro, American Express and Master/visa-Debit.

*In case of bank transfer, be aware that we'll add additional 25DKK and that the service will first be activated when the money has been received by our bank. If you make an international bank transfer, you'll have to pay for the additional fees. Any fees applied to us will be added as mising credits and billed accordingly on next invoice date.

The customer should only supply a VAT number if the customer is VAT exempt according to the VIES database. The customer should at all times ensure that VAT numbers are up to date or removed if the company closes. In case you make an order with a VAT number that is either not VAT exempt or registered anymore, we will issue a credit nota and issue a new invoice including VAT, this remaining amount must be paid or we will issue a refund and cancel services in relation to the invoice.

If an invoice becomes overdue we'll charge an additional 10% of the total invoiced amount, unless there is an alternative written agreement between the customer and Hosting4Real.

Semi-annually subscriptions are billed with double setup fee.

In case the customer has enabled automatic payment processing, it is the customer's respnsibility to cancel their product via our control panel. If the customer has not terminated their product, we see it as a renewal, resulting in the product being extended. Auto-renewal is turned off by default.

In case the customer has enabled automatic payment processing, the customer should cancel any services 10 days prior to the due date of the invoice. In case you do not manage to do it 10 days prior, then we'll see it as a renewal and the plan can therefore not be cancelled until next billing period.

Money can also be deposited in a "Hosting4Real account". Minimum deposit is DKK 50 and maximum deposit is DKK 300. The deposited sum cannot be withdrawn but must be used only as payment for products and services from Hosting4Real.

As a safety precaution all payments is done via an encrypted connection. Immediately afterwards the customer will receive a receipt by e-mail. All card information entered at Hosting4Real will be encrypted and sent via a secure connection (SSL/TLS) to our payment gateway. Hosting4Real are PCI SAQ A validated.


Hosting4Real offers affiliate contracts if the customer contacts Support. By using affiliate contracts, money will be saved in the customer's account, and unless otherwise agreed the accumulated sum can be used to purchase our services. Hosting4Real can at any time give notice to terminate an affiliate contract. Affiliate cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes for resellers.


Shared Hosting:

All shared hosting packages purchased through Hosting4Real are placed on safe servers in Europe. These packages are placed on physical servers which means there are several users on each server. The customer must accept our business conditions and also comply with Dutch legislation.

Shared hosting packages purchased from Hosting4Real cannot be used for reselling. If this should happen, Hosting4Real has the rights to suspend the account. In all shared hosting packages you'll also get a set of MySQL databases, these databases can only be used for websites or services running at Hosting4Real, which means that they cannot be used by external services outside Hosting4Real. If this should happen, Hosting4Real has the rights to suspend and in worst case terminate the account.

If the customer and Hosting4Real has siged a reseller agreement, the customer agrees that if the customer disappear, Hosting4Real has the rights to take over all hosted services to continue providing the services towards possible sub-customers.

All shared hosting packages purchased through Hosting4Real cannot be used for file backup, these hosting packages are designed for websites and systems, Hosting4Real has the rights to delete backups and cannot be held responsible for lost data or lost revenue and has no liability what so ever. The hosting packages cannot be used for email services such as mailing lists, e-mail sending systems as well. If this should happen, Hosting4Real has the rights to apply limits to the amount of e-mails per account as well as suspending or terminating the customer's products.


All customers that have purchased web hotels will also have e-mail service at their disposal. The customer can send mail via this service for normal use. Mailing lists are not accepted. If we suspect that large amounts of mail are being sent, Hosting4Real has the right to look into the matter. If the service is misused Hosting4Real has the right to put a limit on the amount of mails being sent by the customer and even stop the mails altogether until a solution has been found.

All hosting accounts have a limited number of e-mails that can be sent ever hour. This is to prevent transmission of larger amount of e-mails. This limitation can be adjusted if there's an agreement between the customer and Hosting4Real.

The user of this service must also comply with legislation regarding the sending of e-mail. This means that the user is not allowed to send SPAM or unsolicited e-mail. Misuse can result in suspending or terminating the customer's account.

Spam filtering

Hosting4Real offers 2 types of spam filtering for emails, our standard solution, as well as a solution based on Spam Experts®. Both solutions are offered free of charge. Our Spam Experts® solution is an "opt-in" solution, meaning you have to activate it for the domains you want the additional filtering on.

Spam Experts® comes with a "Fair Use Policy" due to the high cost for the filtering, this means that you should only activate it for the domains that have active email-accounts and email-accounts that receives a good amount of spam. Abuse of the service will result in a warning, as well as possible extra fees of 26.89 EUR yearly excluding VAT per domain.

We believe that all customers should have the possibility for good filtering without extra costs, for same reason we see that this will not be abused. This also means that the solution cannot be offered on hosting plans solely/primarily purchased to run mail-hosting.


Hosting4real carries out daily backups of all servers. These backups are generally used in case of breakdowns of servers or moving a customer's data.

If data should be lost, the customer can always contact Support and ask for a backup. If the backup does not exist or function, Hosting4Real cannot be held responsible. It is the customer's full responsibility to ensure backup of her/his own data.

Hosting4Real do not take backup of user generated backups made through the control panel. It's the customers responsibility to keep these backups in other locations.

Managed services

Hosting4Real offers managed services both for dedicated servers and virtual servers. We mainly offer two solutions as described below:

  • Basic: This solution covers general security updates, including patching of kernels, and other security updates rated as important. We'll also include monitoring of the server free of charge with text messages going to the customers phone. This service do not cover any additional system administration hours, nor help with setting up software.
  • Extended: This solution covers all security and software updates, patching of kernels using kernelcare (we pay the license), full monitoring of the servers, directly connected to our technical support. General server performance will be monitored. In case of server downtime we'll do our best to get the services back online ASAP. Be aware that any migrations between servers are not included as well as restoration of complete servers, or reinstallation of systems. These services will be charged 30 euro excluding VAT an hour. Evening/night/weekends will be charged an additional 50% per hour.

R1Soft Server Backup:

Hosting4Real offers server backup solutions using R1Soft, these backups is located at secure servers all all servers is running minimum Raid 6. Hosting4Real cannot be held responsible for lost data or lost revenue and has no liability what so ever. We recommend at any time to keep at least 1 backup externally for data safety.

Domain registration:

All domains either registered or transferred to Hosting4Real will be valid as soon as the customer has paid. Hosting4Real has no liability regarding purchase or registration of domains.

All domain registrations must be done in the customer's own name or firm name. The customer, therefore, is the legal owner of the said domain and must accept the general rules and regulations regarding domain registration.

Domain registration can take up to 72 hours before all DNS-servers in the world have received the registration information. If the domain is already registered, Hosting4Real will try to refund the cost price. However, Hosting4Real cannot guarantee that this will be possible and has no liability what so ever.

Premium domains can at times list the wrong price, if this is the case the order will be cancelled and the money returned to the customer.

In case you register or transfer a domain, you agree on the Domain Name Registration Agreement. Domains are renewed according to the price on our website, unless there is an alternative written agreement between the customer and Hosting4Real. Domain renewals are sent via e-mail to the e-mail address in our system. In case the domain would expire will additional fees be applied. This includes administration fees of 50DKK.


Hosting4Real offers the following support:

  • Chat Support - Online Chat Support is available to all customers. Chat Support will as a rule be accessible from 08:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Sunday. However, there may occur situations where Chat Support is not available. In this case the customer is referred to either E-mail Support or Twitter @Hosting4Real.
  • E-Mail Support/Ticket System - E-mail/Ticket Support is available to all customers. We do our best to answer inside of a few hours but it may take up to 24 hours.

Service guarantee:

Hosting4Real has a service guarantee of 99.9% on all the customer's services. If problems arise with some products, you will find the information here. If our service should be less than 99.9% of a given period*, compensation will be 1 month of free hosting at the end of the period**.

* Based on one calendar year

** Does not include VPS. All VPS customers administer their own VPS and Hosting4Real is not responsible for any service failure. Therefore, there is no compensation regarding VPS.

There is no compensation if lower service is due to the following:

  • The cause of the problem is not Hosting4Real.
  • Network problems with the Datacenter or peering.
  • Failure in service caused by the customer.
  • Network interruption caused by outside sources that Hosting4Real has no influence on, such as flooding, power failure, etc.

Hosting4Real cannot be held responsible for lost data or lost revenue and has no liability what so ever.

Conditions, breaches and misuse:

As a rule the traffic and capacity limited described on the products, is always valid. If these limits are exceeded, Hosting4Real has the right to suspend the account. The customer will be contacted 24 hours prior the supension in order to remove the contents that are not in use, or to purchase more space.

In case of misuse of Hosting4Real's service, such as hacking, exploitation of errors, deliberate overconsumption or overloading, Hosting4Real has the right to suspend or even terminate the service.

Hosting4Real reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate all services for a customer, if the customer violates rules which includes but not limited to:

  • are extremely offensive, violent, or spiteful against persons, organizations, firms etc;
  • are unjust or misleading according to consumer protection and not be used for chain letters or pyramid selling;
  • are offensive to a person's private life;
  • are a hazard to a person's safety or health, to public safety and health, or a risk to national and international safety;
  • disclose trade secrets, confidential information or information about another person;
  • Violate copyright as defined in the "law for copyright infringement and remedies";
  • are extremely violating to other persons, business's, trademarks, patents or proprietary rights;
  • advertise illegal drugs, illegal games of chance or illegal trading in arms;
  • are illegal for the customer and also Hosting4Real;
  • are spiteful to Hosting4Real.

Hosting4real has the right to check for all the above if misuse is suspected.

Customer responsibility:

The customer must observe Dutch legislation, (i.e. the server must have no illegal contents, the server must not be used for illegal purposes, etc.). This is the responsibility of the customer. Hosting4Real is not responsible for the customer's actions and has no liability for any illegal actions. However, Hosting4Real has the right to check a customer's files if there is a suspicion of misuse, etc., and to delete illegal or offensive files.

Hosting4Real cannot be held responsible for lost data or lost revenue and has no liability what so ever.

It is the customers responsibility to do backup of their data if they consider this necessary.

Termination and refunds:

Termination: All products and services offered by Hosting4Real are paid in advance. The customer can at any time give notice of termination of a product or service. A service will as a rule be terminated after the next date of payment if notice has been given or payment has not been forthcoming. It is the customer's responsibility to have backup of files as they will be deleted after termination. A service can also be terminated immediately by contacting Support. However, advance payment for the remaining period will not be refunded. Hosting4Real is not responsible for lost data before, during or after notice of termination.

Failing payment of outstanding invoices will result in suspension of the service(s) 1 day after due date. The service(s) will be terminated after 7 days, unless there is an alternative written agreement between the customer and Hosting4Real.

VPS and related products will be suspended and terminated the day after due date.

Hosting4Real has the right to terminate a product or service without warning if regulations in force are not observed.

Annulments: Server solutions, domain registrations, etc. are not included the "14 day annulment right", as these would be specific services for an individual customer. Therefore, there are no refunds for some of the services offered by Hosting4Real, unless there is an alternative written agreement between the customer and Hosting4Real.

Restorations: Hosting4Real have the possibility to restore a shared web-hosting package after termination in case of our backup servers still contain a backup. The price for this backup is 55.52 euro excluding VAT as well as the normal annual price for the shared hosting package.

ODR: As consumer in EU, you can file a complaint to a public authority for a service purchased from us. This may be reported on http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ - Remember to include our email support@hosting4real.net

Privacy Policy

Here at Hosting4Real we care a lot about privacy, due to this all personal information are transmitted over a secure connection during creation and communication via our shopping system.

Passwords are stored encrypted in our database where only two people do have access to this information.

All credit card information are stored securely at our payment provider which are fully PCI-DSS compliant. All we store is a reference number to your card, the expiry date as well as your name. All data sent to our payment provider do not enter our servers and the encryption of the credit card information happens between you and the payment provider.

All communication between Hosting4Real and the customer are stored for 7 years as according to dutch legislation.


Hosting4Real reserves the right to:

  • Alter prices after a 30 days notice.
  • Exclude/terminate customers or services if we find it necessary to do so.

With reservations for clerical errors and spelling mistakes.

The Terms and Conditions in danish will always apply in case of mistakes.